Film4Climate Global Video Contest 2016
The Film4Climate Global Video Competition invites filmmakers between the ages of 14-35 years old from all over the world to showcase their talents and create a Public Service Advertisement (PSA) (less than 1 min) or a Short Film (1-5 minutes) about climate action.
The videos should show a personal climate change narrative:
What does climate change mean to you?
What are you doing to solve the climate challenge?
What is your climate message to the world?
The submissions should emphasize what people around the world are doing to promote action, offer new solutions, and inspire change.
You could highlight the rise of green competitiveness, support transformational climate policies, or focus on the costs of climate in-action and the need to put a price on carbon. You could show how investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, low-carbon resilient cities, and climate-smart land, water and natural resources use, all contribute to solving climate change.

Climate Action is the 13th goal under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), though it is widely acknowledge interlink with the other SDGs. In the description of the video please explain how the climate message connects with the other SDGs.
As Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank Group, has emphasized: "We will never end poverty if we don't tackle climate change."
The Judging Panel will select up to eight entries, who will earn the highest overall score based on the jury members individual vote:
- 3x PSA winners for the 18-35 age group;
- 3x Short Film winners for the 18-35 age group;
- 1x PSA winner for the 14-17 age group;
- 1x Short Film winner for the 14-17 age group.

The Judging Panel will select the winning entries (individuals or teams) based on the following equally weighted criteria:
- Content
- Technical expertise
- Innovation, originality and impact

In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected based on the video’s content, then technical expertise and finally on innovation, creativity and impact. If there is still a tie then the winner will be selected based on a vote by the Judging Panel.

First-prize winners of the 14-17 age group will receive video equipment and software for each category, Public Service Advertisement or Short Film. First, Second and Thirds Prize winners of the 18-35 age group will receive cash prizes in two categories (Public Service Advertisement and Short Film).

All participants may receive special recognition at film festival and will be celebrated at the awards ceremony at COP22.

Winning entries will receive special recognition at all relevant Connect4Climate events, and be prominently featured and promoted through the social media channels of Connect4Climate and Partners.
14 – 17 Age Group
PSA (< 1min) Short Film (1 – 5 min)
1st Prize: Video Equipment/Software 1st Prize: Video Equipment/Software
18 – 35 Age Group
PSA (< 1min) Short Film (1 – 5 min)
1st Prize: US $8,000
2nd Prize: US $5,000
3rd Prize: US $2,000
1st Prize: US $8,000
2nd Prize: US $5,000
3rd Prize: US $2,000
People’s Choice Award: Given to the most popular video as determined by likes through the video gallery.
MENA Special Award: Given to the best entry by a participant from the Middle East and North Africa region.
Presenting Partner Special Prizes: Given to outstanding contributions selected by the Connect4Climate team or representatives of the Presenting Partners.
Price on Carbon Pollution Award for best entry dealing with the topic of carbon pricing and cost of climate change



Bernardo Bertolucci (The Conformist, Last Tango in Paris)


President Mohamed Nasheed Climate champion and former president of the Maldives
Lawrence Bender Producer (An Inconvenient Truth, Pulp Fiction)
Sheila Redzepi Vice President for External and Corporate Relations, World Bank Group
Farida Benlyazid Director, (Frontieras, Keïd Ensa)
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Director
(Saving Face, A Girl in the River)
Fernando Meirelles Director (City of God, The Constant Gardener)
Louie Psihoyos Director (The Cove, Racing Extinction)
Robert Stone Director (Radio Bikini, Pandora’s Promise)
Mika Kaurismaki Director (Zombie and the Ghost Train)
Pablo Trapero Director, (Carancho, El Clan)
Martin Katz Producer (Hotel Rwanda)
Ann Hornaday Chief Film Critic of The Washington Post
Carole Tomko General Manager and Creative Director, Vulcan Productions
Maria Wilhelm Executive Director of the Avatar Foundation
Pat Mitchell President and CEO of the Paley Center for Media
Rose Kuo CEO and Artistic Director of the Qingdao International Film Festival
Mark Lynas author and environmentalist (The God Species, Six Degrees)
Christopher Lambert Actor (Highlander, Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes)
In every country, every city, people have different stories on climate change...there are many stories that can be told. If this worldwide film competition creates a critical mass of ideas and energy, it could help tip the balance in terms of focusing people’s attention.
Lawrence Bender at the competition announcement at the Cannes Film Festival.
Learn more about the Jury
1. Participants submitting films to the competition must be between 14 to 35 years old inclusive as of September 30, 2016.
2. The contest is open to individuals and teams. There is a maximum limit of five members for any team
3. Video entries must be either a Public Service Advertisement (PSA) less than 1 minute in length, or a Short Film, between 1 to 5 minutes long. All genres are accepted that have a climate change narrative.
4. Video submissions must be created by and owned by the participants and uploaded as a single file in the highest quality, but no larger than 1 GB.
5. Videos may be recorded in any language, but English subtitles are highly encouraged. In the short description of the film add the location and how it relates to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals.
6. Winners will be selected by an External Jury composed of esteemed film directors and communication professionals, including those working in the field of film, arts, and/or the environment.
7. The judging of the film entries is based on the following equally weighted criteria:
  • Content clearness and effectiveness of the video in narrating a story about climate change, promoting action, and/or offering new solutions.
  • Technical expertise quality of the camera and audio work, effectiveness of the editing and strength of the script.
  • Innovation, originality, and impact telling a climate story in a fresh and unusual way, appealing to a broad and diverse audience, and encouraging further thought and action.
By submitting to the Film4Climate Global Video Competition you agree that:
  • The information you have submitted is correct
  • You hereby agree to be bound by the regulations of the Film4Climate Global Video Competition
  • You have legal right to represent and submit your video to the Film4Climate Global Video Competition
  • You are responsible for all copyrights
  • You have obtained the necessary clearances for people, archive footage and music in the video;
  • Connect4Climate and Partners are allowed to use and change the entries for non-commercial public display.
  • Connect4Climate and the Film4Climate Global Video Competition will not be held responsible for any legal disputes regarding the exhibition of your video.
  • Your video, including all copyrights, remains the property of the author.
Please accept all the Terms and Conditions of the competition available for download in English here .


Launched under Connect4Climate, the World Bank Group's global partnership program, the Film4Climate initiative is dedicated to greening the silver screen. Film4Climate is a global campaign committed to mitigating the environmental impact of film production as well as raising awareness about climate change through cinema.

The Connect4Climate program receives support from the Italian and German governments, as well as from the private and public sectors, and academia. Working with a wide community of partners to encourage climate action, Connect4Climate launched the Film4Climate Global Video Competition to inspire filmmakers to highlight climate solutions and good practices around the world.

The awards ceremony for the Film4Climate Global Video competition will take place at the UNFCCC COP22 with the support of the Moroccan Government.

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